Bhojpuri Movies 2017 Calendar List

Here we give you the list of Upcoming Bhojpuri movies 2017 Calendar along with their release dates.

Bhojpuri is a language that is spoken in parts of Bihar, Utter Pradesh and some parts of Nepal, Bhojpuri film industry or Bhollywood did not come in to prominence until 1970’s but it was our first President Rajendra Prasad who first asked prominent actor Bollywood Actor Nazir Hussain to make a Bhojpuri film. Since the time first Bhojpuri movie was made in 1963 and slow rise in to a prominent industry in 70 and 80 it has created some giant work of art like Nadiya Ke Paar, Mai etc.. Bhojpuri movies are also viewed inparts of Europe and Asia by Indian migrants who still speak the language.

This concludes our discussion about the lost of upcoming Bhojpuri movies 2017. Please comment below the name of the film you’re excitedly waiting for.

loha pahalwan
Jan 2017
Apr 2017
May 2017
Jun 2017
Shiva 2
Jul 2017
Aug 2017
Sep 2017
Sarkar Raj
Oct 2017
Jai Shree Ram
Dec 2017

Let’s discuss about some of the upcoming Bhojpuri movies 2017. Tujhko Rakhe Ram Tujhko Allah Rakhe is a movie starring Dinesh Lal Yadav ‘Nirahua’, A bad man babu is a movie featuring the talented Rani Chatterjee she seems to be in nearly every Bhojpuri movie these days and people can’t still get enough of her. Herogiri featuring Anand Ojha are some of the films that are going be hit the theaters in the Bhojpuri calendar 2017.

Wait there is more Rani Ki Aayegi Baraat again featuring Rani Chatterjee, I am telling you she is everywhere, Kalua CrorepaRaja, Hitler, Pawan Rajaare the some of the other films featuring Arvind, Viraj and Pawan respectively.

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