Malayalam Movies 2017 Calendar List Release Date

Malayalam Movies 2017  – The new upcoming Malayalam Movies of 2017 calendar is listed down along with it’s release dates.
Malayalam movie industry is known for it’s charm, it’s simple, engaging stories and youthful characters. The Malayalam Movies 2017 list is going to have all of it’s usual magic and much more.

Mollywood saw a blissful year in the form of 2016, there were some nail biting thrillers, gut wrenching drama, and movies that nearly broke your funny bones. Two of it’s youngest and brightest actors Dhulkar Salman and Nivin Polly came out as the biggest winners.

So what will next year be like for this artsy industry down south? The list of Malayalam Movies 2017 is discussed below to give you a trailer on the coming events.

18 Jan 2017
Jan 2017
The Great Father
27 Jan 2017
Feb 2017
G For Gold
Feb 2017
hey jude
Apr 2017
Apr 2017
Puthan Panam
Apr 2017
4 May 2017
two gentleman
23 June 2017
chengazhi nambiyar
June 2017
June 2017
July 2017
Onnam Sir
July 2017
edison photos
16 Sep 2017
Raja 2
Sep 2017
aadu 2
Sep 2017
Oct 2017
honey bee 2
11 Nov 2017
karachi 81
Nov 2017
detroit crossing
Dec 2017

The year will start with 3 massive releases, two of which will feature Mollywood megastar Mammootty, the Malayalam Movies of 2017 also include the historical Drama Karnan starring Prithviraj.

The handsome Prithviraj is also featured in another movie Painting life which is said to be released in February, the same month also has another surprise with the movie G for gold which has mollywood superstar Mohanlal.
The newly married Dileep, Kavya Madhavan will feature together in two Malayalam calendar 2017, Ithano valiya karyam and Comedy king.

A powerful multi cast movie called is said to be released in May, the movie includes big names like Prithviraj, Fahadh Faasil and Nivin Polly. Lucifer which seems to share similar name with Anti christ will feature lalaten Mohanlal.

This concludes the list of Malayalam movies 2017, just hang on tight and wait for next year you’re are sure to be entertained.

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