Pakistani Movies 2017 Calendar List

List of New Upcoming Pakistan movies 2017 calendar is filled with interesting list of Pakistan movies 2017, Project Ghazi is a Superhero film that is directed Nadir Shah, superhero flicks are a relatively new concept to the Pakistan movie industry so there is a large amount of expectation for the movie.

Pakistan is home to several film industries, namely Urdu, Punjabi, Sindhi and Pashto. They are mostly based in two cities Lahore and Karachi, but after years of censorship and war against arts by religious groups Karachi has established itself as the center for Pakistan films. Pakistan movies have had a large impact on Pakistan culture and it’s people, the first Pakistan film was made in 1948 called Teri Yaad, since then 10,000 Urdu, and 8000 Punjabi movies have been produced. Pakistan film industry saw it’s decline during 1975-2005 during which Islamists tried created stringent censorship rules, also cut movies for films massively but Pakistan film industry has started looking up again and is gaining back it’s audience locally and internationally.

He we give you all the list of upcoming Pakistan movies 2017 along with it’s release dates.

Balu Mahi
10 Feb 2017
Feb 2017
The Trial
Mar 2017
Apr 2017
Apr 2017
arth 2
May 2017
25 Jun 2017
thoda jee le
Jul 2017
Aug 2017
parwaaz hay junoon
2 Sep 2017
Oct 2017
Pyar Ki FIR
Oct 2017
project ghazi
Nov 2017

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Punjab Nahin Jaoongi is a romantic comedy directed by Nadeem Beyg, Jackpot / 100 Crore is both a comedy and thriller a different concept and it’s directed by Shoaib Khan.

The Trial is a historical romance, featuring Mikaal Zulfiqar and Sadia Khan. Mehrunisa V Lub You is a romantic comedy.

This concludes the list of Pakistan movies 2017. Please mention below the names of the Pakistan movies 2017 you are expecting to see with much interest.