Actress Attack Case; 5 Facts That Led to the Arrest of Dileep

Leaving thousands of questions behind, police arrested Dileep in connection with the actress attack case.

The police arrested actor Dileep on grounds of five pieces of evidence. Here are the five pieces of evidence that stood as odds against the actor in the actress attack case.

In connection with the actress attack case, the police took actor Dileep into custody on Monday morning and registered his arrest in the evening after questioning him the whole day.

Memory card

The memory card was the prime evidence. Dileep handed this over to one of his relatives. Police found the card and this remained a major blow to Dileep. Police raided Kavya Madhavan’s business in Kochi in search of this memory card.

Phone Calls Details

Police examined the phone details of Janapriyanayakan and his relatives. This also led to the arrest.

Pulsar Suni’s Revealing

At the jail, Pulsar Suni made some remarkable revealing to the police team investigating actress attack. This was also crucial in the arrest.

Other Evidences

Analyzing the Facebook profiles of Pulsar Suni, police realized that Pulsar Suni had met Dileep on the sets of ‘Georgettan’s Pooram.’ There was other evidence also to prove that Dileep knew Suni earlier. When questioned, the actor had denied knowing Suni.

Statements of Dileep

His statements did not go in harmony with another. At first, he said he did not know Suni. Later this was proved false. He also appeared in the public consoling the actress. He confessed to having some personal issues with the actress. Soon, he claimed that he had patched all those issues.

Even after being questioned for long 13 hours, Dileep said he was confident of the case. He also spoke ill of the actress and posted a comment against the actress. This invited popular rage. The actor later asked sorry and removed the post.

DGP Loknath Behera confirmed the arrest of Dileep. DGP added that the actor is not under police custody. There is no clarity on what has happened to Nadhirshah, another prime accused in the actress attack case. According to reports, the police is questioning Nadhirshah along with Dileep’s brother, and manager Appunni.


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