Actress Gemma Arterton wants to see female James Bond

Gemma Arterton

Gemma Arterton who was seen in the 2008 James Bond film Quantum of Solace believes that there should be a female James Bond. She says, “I would be great to see a female James Bond, you know! doing those action scenes, it would be insane.”

She also says that the producer of the James Bond franchise Barbara Broccoli is a feminist in a very strong way and she could might think of making the film in female character. She said that the Quantum of Solace changed her life forever. “You know I wasn’t expecting to get a  big role this soon in my career, I am grateful to the people who were involved with me in the film, every single one of the. But most importantly, I owe my career to Barbara Broccoli, who offered me this role.” She said, adding, “I have became more outspoken since then, it made me more mature and serious. in a good way.”

Over the years Gemma had done some films which had some female aspect in it, and important message for females. Well, Quantum of Solace did changed her life and she had done a descent job as an actor in the films.

She says that, “I am always approached for the project of female aspect film, maybe that’s because they thinks I am a female-centric character and can do those role better. But when it comes to me I don’t necessarily look for those roles, it just comes me, I want to do every kind of roles that I can.

Her upcoming projects are 100 Streets, Watership Down and Vita & Virgina. Her latest film Their Finest was featured at Toronto Film Festival 2016 and got critical recognition.

Just imagine, how great it would be, if this beautiful girl does the female James Bond, isn’t it interesting!

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