‘Aval’ Trailer Has Dropped And Its Uncomfortable To watch But At The Same Time Interesting

Siddharth’s upcoming movie ‘Aval’ is the highlight in Tamil Film Industry right now. Last week the teaser of the movie was released and it was impressive, it looked as one of the most compelling horror movies in a long time. Siddharth has always impressed his fans with his movies and performance. ‘Aval’ is written by Siddharth and Milind and it is based on a real incident, which happened with Siddharth and Milind’s common friend.

Now, the official trailer of the movie was released and quite frankly it is uncomfortable to watch, this movie is defiantly not for light-hearted people, the director has made it clear in a recent interview. The trailer starts with a Warning, which says ‘the trailer contains some frightening image’ and ‘watch it at your own risk’.

The sound used in the very first moment of the trailer is really scary from that moment only you are in it. Siddharth is playing a role of a doctor, and the trailer starts with him doing an operation. The music is just amazing, it really goes well with the story what the trailer is trying to tell.

And yes, there are some frightening and uncomfortable scenes in the trailer which might not be very friendly with light-hearted people. The cinematography is one of the major highlights of this film and it has been done perfectly, it looks like the director has done a very good job here.

This movie quite frankly is going to be one of the best horror films of India in a long time, it is not like any other pointless Bollywood horror, and everything makes sense. And we can compare this to the likes of ‘The Conjuring’ franchise and ‘Annabelle: Creation’.

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