Bala To Direct Arjun Reddy’s Tamil Remake Starring Vikram’s Son Dhruv

Arjun Reddy

After weeks of speculations on who will direct Vikram’s son Dhruv’s debut movie, the answer is finally revealed and it is Bala. Bala is one of the best filmmakers in South Indian Film Industry, he has not directed many movies but the one he directed is awesome, in the career of 18 years he has just directed 11 movies, which shows that he takes time to make one movie and its good.

Now, when it was announced that Vikram will be launching his son in ‘Arjun Reddy’s Tamil remake, everyone got excited. As we know, the Telugu movie ‘Arjun Reddy’ starring Vijay Deverakonda is one of the highest rated movies of the years, it was a critical and commercial success and now it is all set for its Tamil remake.

The idea of making a remake of this movie is actually good, the story of this film is amazing and people will love to watch the Tamil version of it but again it will feature a new actor, who has never done a movie before in his career might not work in the favor of it; now, we know that Dhruv has studied film in abroad and even directed a short film, so we can’t say anything. And considering the director who is making this movie makes us believe in the project.

The leading lady of the movie has not been announced as of yet, it would be interesting to see which actress will romance Dhruv in the movie. Vikram recently posted a picture with his son announcing that they are ready the movie.

‘Arjun Reddy’ worked beautifully because the story is relatable, it is a modern take on Devdas; now, this has been seen before with Anurag Kashyap’s ‘Dev D’, but it much different than that.

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