Bengali Movies Box Office Collection

Check out the Bengali Box Office Collection to know how much a Bengali film earns. We are going to give detailed box office collection report of the Bengali films.
Bengali Cinema is a Kolkata based film producing industry that produces films in Bengali language. The Bengali films are generally art and drama. These kinds of films are said to be classy in nature. The reach of Bengali films is much lesser than Bollywood, Tamil and Telugu. Currently, approximately 800 cinemas run Bengali films.
Over the years, we have seen some very good and successful Bengali films. There are some directors, who have received wide global reorganization fro their work in Bengali film industry. Bengali people like to watch art and parallel cinema that blockbuster maslaa films.

Movie NameRelease YearCollection (Nett)

Chander Pahar is the highest grossing Bengali films, which has made more than 16 crores. The amount looks nothing as compared to the box office result of other Indian Films, but if we consider the limited result it has its own position. Paglu is another super hit Bengali films that earned around 10 crores. The budget of a Bengali film is also very less.
Some of the most commercially successful Bengali movies are Paran Jai Jaliya Re, Khoka 420, Saathi and Awara to name a few. You can also check out which Bengali film is hit or flop or super hit.
If you are a fan of art movies, you are going to love Bengali films. If you want to know the verdict of Bengali films, go through the post to find out.