Dunkirk second trailer shows the dread of war

Christopher Nolan’s new film ‘Dunkirk’ is the most anticipated war film to come. The new trailer of the film has just arrived and it focuses more on the war. The last trailer we saw was more of survival and struggle. This time it captures the fear and dread of the war.

Hans Zimmer’s music helped the trailer to appeal and look realistic. Cinematography looks amazing as usual, and we can see the art of film making in this trailer. Christopher Nolan is considered to be in another level of film making just like James Cameron and he proves it here again. Every film he made in his career is been a huge success, weather it be ‘Interstellar’, ‘Inception’, ‘Dark Knight Trilogy’, ‘The Prestige’, ‘Memento’ or ‘Insomnia’.

The new trailer of ‘Dunkirk’ showcases the desperate efforts of the soldiers to survive. There is more action, more emotion and more drama in this trailer. And just like the previous films, Nolan has used IMAX camera in this film also. Every scene shown in the trailer has emotion in it specially the beach scene, the visuals are phenomenal. Nolan, gives the visuals more importance in conveying the story and it had worked for him. Everything can’t be told by dialogues or conversations.

Few weeks ago Nolan made it clear that this is a survival film with lot of suspense. Well, this seems interesting as the story calls it for a War film. If this film goes right, it will be one of the biggest accomplishment for him as it is his dream project and he was working on it since he started film making.

“We have grown hearing this story, so its in our blood, you ask any Britisher, they know this story.” he said. Well, Dunkirk is totally different from his usual work, it takes him out from his fantasy world and gets him to reality.


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