forthcoming Telugu film ‘Vaishakam’ to hit the screens this summer


The film titled ‘Vaishakam’ is directed by popular female director B. Jaya is gearing up for its release is known. This film has got actors like Harish, Avantika romancing and that would be sensational for many across the world
The latest news about this film is this forthcoming film of Jaya would be hitting the movie halls in this summer and would be awesome treat for many Telugu film audiences across the world.

Other actors who are acting in this romantic genre film are Rama Prabha, Eshwari Rao,Krishna Bhagwan, Kashi Viswanath, Gundu Sudarshan etc. It is worthy to mention that recently the audio of this film was released by actor Mahesh Babu and the songs have become sensational hits.

It must be noted that songs like ‘Bhanumathi Bhanumathi’, ‘Prarthisthene’ etc were superb and were appreciated by many listeners. It is now said that this upcoming film would have all the elements that would satisfy many youngsters, family audiences plus also this film would make many mass film lovers happy.

It is important to mention that D. Jaya apart from directing this film ‘Vaishakam’ has also written the story plus edited this film and that is great piece of news.

This director B. Jaya previously made many sit up and take notice of her talent in films like ‘Chantigadu’, ‘Premikulu’, ‘Lovely’ etc and she was highly applauded by many. This upcoming film of B. Jaya is highly expected in this year.