‘Geostorm’ 2nd Trailer Is Will Make You Speechless

Recently, we saw the first trailer of the movie ‘Geostorm’, and it was amazing and confusing at the same time, but the second trailer gives a bit about the plot and story. The trailer starts with Genard Butler walking in the President conference. When he was asked about his 1 hr late arrival, he says ‘Sorry, about that. I literally have to fly from the space.’ Well, the first dialogue is so powerful that it keeps you intrigued for the trailer.

And then we see the amazing visuals of satellites. And believe me when I say amazing it is literally amazing. A natural disaster occurs as we hear the President saying ‘we can’t control our weather’. There’s a lot going on in the trailer. Genard Butler is hilarious here. He is a happy go lucky man, who doesn’t think about the consequences of doing something.

The world is facing a natural disaster but they are chilling that nothing’s happening, and that’s cool. Director has not made this a very serious film; this is an attempt to show a horrible disaster in a light way. Then the real challenge comes, the weather starts to change, the geostorm comes and makes the place a living hell for the people.

At the end of the trailer, Max and Sarah kidnaps the President, where the President says, ‘do you realize, you are committing a suicide’, where Max says, ‘Yeah, I kidnapped the President and I stole the secrets’ and asks to Sarah who is in the driver seat, ‘anything I forgetting Honey?’, then a tower falls down towards their car but Sarah saves them, to which the President says, ‘Marry Her’, that’s hilarious.

The movie is set to release on 20th October.

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