‘Guardians of Galaxy Vol.2’ in trouble with Central Board of Film Certification

Guardians of Galaxy Vol.2

‘Guardians of Galaxy Vol.2’ just got released in India and now it is facing controversy with CBFC. According to Subhash Jha, the film was not cleared by the censor board in time. Pahlaj Nihlani didn’t waste any time to point the finger on Disney India.

He said, “We have received the English version of the film just four days before its scheduled release. We instantly cleared the film as we didn’t wanted to be the cause of film delay. Also we cleared the Hindi version the day after when we saw. It was very unprofessional by Disney India who wanted us to see the Tamil and Telugu version of the film just before 36 hours of its release. Sorry we are not responsible for that. They should have done it before. How can we grant the certification in just the matter of hours.”

He also stated that “when the film got released worldwide two weeks before India, so why they waited for the last minute for the censor certification. I am sorry but this is heights of non-professionalism. Disney producers came to us with four versions of the film one after the other, just before few days before its release.”

This is certainly not the first time any film facing controversy with the censor board. The Cheif of the Board Pahlaj Nihlani has the history of getting in the way of the film, weather it be ‘Udta Pujab’ last year or ‘Haramkhor’ this year.

Well, there must be some non-professionalism from Disney India. But its not right to say that its all their fault.

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