Jennifer Lawrence’s ‘Mother!’ Trailer Is Creepy And Horrifying

Jennifer Lawrence’s upcoming psychological horror movie ‘Mother!’ released its trailer and it is the creepiest thing you would see on the Internet today. Jennifer is one of the best young female actresses in the Hollywood right now, she has done many movies starting with ‘Garden Party’ in 2008, and she became popular when she appeared as Mystique in the ‘X Men’ series. Right now, she is an established actress and is appearing in many movies.

Her upcoming movie ‘Mother!’ is bizarre and creepy, the trailer of the movie has released and it will make you go ‘what is going on!’. The trailer starts with Jennifer talking to her husband, she says, “We spend all our time here. I want to make a paradise”, her husband, which is played by Javier Bardem replies, “She redid all of it. Every last detail. She breathed life back into every room.” Then some crazy things start happening, a stranger comes to their house.

The music will just work with the trailer and what it is trying to show. Jennifer discovers some things about the strangers; she comes to know that her husband also has some secrets. Obviously, there are a lot of things happening here. Jennifer looks amazing as always, she has never done a role like this, so it’s new for her, but after watching the trailer it doesn’t feel that she is new to this genre, she is so good.

Jennifer was last seen in the science fiction movie ‘Passenger’ with Chris Pratt and now she will be seen in ‘Mother!’, she is at the point right now where she is just enjoying acting, she is exploring herself in every genre and it’s not wrong to say that after 5-10 years she will be one of the biggest names in Hollywood.

The movie also stars Ed Harris and Michelle Pfeiffer in various roles, the movie will release on 15th September.

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