Justin Bieber busted on a fan during his performance


News is this, pop star Justin Bieber busted on a fans during his performance in New Gersey. Fans threw a cap on a stage.
According to report, during performance in Atlantic City, 22 years old singer busted on a fans when he threw her cap on the stage. She was giving the cap as a gift.

Bieber during his performance said to his fans, whatever you are trying to throw on the stage, be it be or cap or anything, I probably don’t want it.

However, Bieber realised his mistake, he apologized for his mistake and said that his incident ruined the fun of the music.
Justin has been trapped in many other controversies before. Lets see what are they.

*In year 2014, Justin Bieber was arrested for drug racing and suspicion of DUI. His smiley mug shot quickly went Viral.

*Once Justin Bieber even tried to compare himself with Michael Jackson, Justin came out of the jail and sitting on an SUV in Miami on Bail of $2500, and in photo, he compared himself with Michael Jackson and wrote, ‘What More can They Say’.

*Once he was in a restaurant and spraying a Bill Clinton Photo asd saying, ‘Fu*k Bill Clinton. Later he apologised for this. He was caught doing this on a video

*In November 2013, Justin faced vandalism charges after paparazzi photos captured him tagging the former Hotel Nacional in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The city had reportedly given him permission to graffiti a site in the city’s Olympic Village, but not elsewhere, and he was spotted tagging other locations.

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