Meri Pyari Bindu: Movie Review – Parineeti Chopra and Ayushmann Khurrana with lots of stupidity

Meri Pyari Bindu
Name of the Film Meri Pyari Bindu
Critics Rating2 Stars
DirectorAkshay Roy
Star castParineeti Chopra, Ayushmann Khurrana
GenreRomantic Drama
Duration2 hours

STORY: It is a pure love story of Abhi (Ayushmann) and Bindu (Parineeti), who indulge themselves into the romance. It talks about passion, love, and letting go. It is pretty philosophical when we think about it. The passion for Abhi’s love to Bindu is amazing. And Bindu’s love towards music is really something in the story. The movie is a love story, which starts from Abhimanyu being saved from a suicide attempt as he is unable to get over the memories of his lover Bindu.

REVIEW: Well, the film has a beautiful story, which is portrayed beautifully. When we saw the teaser with 5 subsequent trailers for 5 days making it look to be a great art of work. It felt like something new and refreshing. Critics were waiting ambitiously for this film. Regardless, the promotional strategy, the film is not that good as it seems on the teasers. There is a mixed reaction to the film because it is not for masses. The director focused less on plot and more on characters. It holds a special story, which not everyone will get it. Is it a perfect film!? No. There are some drawbacks, but the work the team has done is really appreciable.

Ayushmann Khurrana just nailed his role, he proves again in this film that he is one of the best actors of his generation. His character is sympathetic and lovable. He portrayed the role of mad lover beautifully. His relationship with everyone linked in the film is great. Parineeti has done a descent job as a musicaholic. She loves music more than anything. She is someone in the film, who every man would love to date in the real world. What’s the best thing about the film is, that the director Akshay Roy, made the film as a music philosophical. It’s a pure musical treat, every song in the film tells a story and has a deep meaning.

There are some drawbacks in the screenplay, which is quite irritating. Akshay Roy made his commercial film debut with this one and done a descent job. But the weak screenplay holds the film. It could have been a great film, but due to some technical issues, it is not. The story is beautiful but predictable. Well, Ayushmann and Parineeti had done a great job, but sometimes it fells as ‘this is too much’, which is not their fault, it’s script’s fault.

WHY SHOULD YOU WATCH: As mentioned above, the film is a musical experience, it has love, emotion, passion, family and living the dream. Ayushmann and Parineeti look great together, on a second note, it is a perfect date film. So, go ahead and watch the film.

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