Movie Review ‘Aramm’- Nayanthara, Ramesh, Vignesh

Name of MovieAramm
Critics Rating★ ★ ★★ ★
DirectorGopi Nainar
Star castNayanthara, Ramesh,Vignesh
GenreRomantic/Drama Film
Duration2 hours 00 Minutes
Date Release10  Nov 2017

Plot: ‘Aramm’ deals with a very serious issue faced by villagers, who are suffering from the people with money and power. The movie takes you to a wasteland of villages in the state of Tamil Nadu, where villagers are worried for their life. They think they would die due to thirst. People are desperately looking for drinking water. When villagers are offered cold drinks, they refuse thinking it would increase their thirst. This scene reflects the deep problem, people are facing due to drought. The movie also talks about corporate, who are extracting tons and tons of water from grounds to fulfill requirements of the people living in the city.
Review: ‘Aramm’ features Nayanthara in the lead roles and Ramesh and Vignesh in supporting roles. The movie is hard-hitting drama film focusing on a very crucial and important issue. Every scene in the movie speaks about the reality of villagers, who are living in distress due to social injustice and exploitative politics. The director has done an astonishing job in bringing the movie and sticking to the core issue despite facing many problems while making. The movie doesn’t deviate from the central issue for a bit. The film is fast-paced and everything is just perfect. We would like to tell you to watch this film in the theater to know and understand what villagers are going through.

Now, we are going to talk about the performance of the actors. Nayanthara has played her role as an idealistic IAS officer to the perfection. He role as an officer, who cares for people instead of a politician is a treat to watch. Now, we’ll talk about Sunu Lakshmi and Ramachandran Durairaj, who have given an astonishing performance. People watching the film can feel the extent of their pain, such was their acting. Ramesh and Vignesh seemed quite improved from their previous films, they look more trained this time. Every single supporting cast has given a stellar performance.

Gopi Nainar, who has written and directed the film stayed true to nature. He has been able to create a tense and thrilling atmosphere throughout the film. The music of Ghibran adds more perfection to the scene.

Why to wWatch: ‘Aramm’ is a very good social drama film. The movie speaks about a very core issue and the people affected by them. It shows how poor are suffering from the crooked politicians and rich people. You should definitely watch the film in theaters.

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