Movie Review : Before I Fall

Before I Fall
Name of the FilmBefore I Fall
Critics Rating2.5 Stars
DirectorRy Russo-Young
Star castZoey Deutch, Halston Sage, Medalion Rahimi, Cynthy Wu.
Duration1 Hour 38 Minutes
Date Released17 March 2017

Before I fall movie review – The thing with most young adult genre films is that they’re neither sophisticated enough for adults to appreciate nor do they completely embrace the camp sensibilities of teen dramas. This results in movies that seem to take themselves too seriously despite having cheesy plots. We saw the same problem repeat itself in The Space between us a few weeks ago, and though this week’s Before I Fall is a minor step up in quality, it isn’t gripping enough to keep you in your seats.

STORY: Samantha keeps reliving the day of her death over and over again, until she figures a way to break the cycle.

ACTING: It’s all very predictable and despite a decent performance from Deutch (she really deserves better films) the story-line contains little ingenuity to keep you from constantly thinking about better films with the same plot line. Moreover everyone surrounding Zoey is a plastic stereotypical character, following the beats of their stereotypical actions like a check list – the sassy girl, the nerdy one, the cute crush etc.

REVIEW:  Just like Samantha (Deutch) doesn’t know how to escape her own Groundhog Day – the day of her death. Sam is your regular high-school girl with a blindingly stereotypical group of friends: the sassy mean girl (Sage), the drunk girl (Rahimi) and the Asian know-it-all (Wu). She wakes up on her judgment day, is mean to her parents, rides to school with her “baes”, breaks hearts, attends a party, gets into a fight, rides back home, meets with an accident and dies. Rinse and repeat.
If you must tell a story where the character is living through the same day every day, must you make it such a drab day? Must the protagonist wear the same outfit every day? Must they fall into the predictable pattern of rebelling on one day, and being saintly on the next? Why is this story even worth telling? Before I Fall leaves you with more questions than answers.

That said, the movie does talk about bullying and the importance of self-worth. The concept is done-to-death but handled with sensitivity. And Deutch’s performance makes you root for Sam, her heartbreaking eventuality aside. Some of the banter between the girls might even crack you up. If you’re a Gossip Girl fan, you may like the setting and take to the characters, unoriginal as they are.

However, nothing can compensate for the fact that it’s a movie about repetition that is, unintentionally, highly repetitive.