Movie Review: Super Singh – Diljit Dosanjh

Super Singh Movie
Name of MovieSuper Singh
Critics Rating★ ★ ★ ★
DirectorAnurag Singh
Star castDiljit Dosanjh, Sonam Bajwa, Pavan Malhotra, Alexandra Bandean
GenreComedy/ Romance
Duration2 hour 30 minutes
Date Released16 June 2017

PLOT: – The story of the movie is just like a typical Punjabi movie. Diljit is an average guy, who gets supernatural power and he tries to become the saviour of the world. It’s not like any other superhero film, it is written considering the Punjabi audience and Diljit is a perfect superhero for them.

REVIEW: – Well, to watch this movie, you have to forget all the superhero film you have ever watched. Super Singh is nothing like Batman or Superman; he helps women to bring their goods from the market. We have Diljit Dosanjh in and as Super Singh. He can fly, he is funny and he is out to save the world. Singh is seen in the moive joking around and having fun.

The special effects of the movie is a joke, whenever we see any special effect we can’t stop laughing. But it’s not bad for the movie; actually, it might help in succeeding. The movie is extremely funny. Well, there is hardly any serious scene in the movie. The good part is that just like the audience, neither he nor the movie takes himself or his superpowers seriously in most part of the movie.

Diljit’s charm is enough for the success of the movie. Every time you think, now the movie will fall miserably, Diljit tells a joke and makes you laugh. Weak direction and the bad screenplay is completely overshadowed by Diljit’s performance. He is so good, that even in the weakest, he makes it work.

But unfortunately, Diljit couldn’t hold the baggage until the end of the movie. But still, you will like it because it is damn funny. The message about religion feel forced and start getting preachy, especially towards the end. But the director, Anurag Singh, sure knows his target audience.

Frankly, to watch this movie you don’t have to think. You just have to watch it and enjoy. The director Anurag Sinha, surely knew what he was doing here. This movie had a certain target audience and he has targeted them intelligently. Punjab and NRI audience will absolutely love the movie.

WHY TO WATCH: – The movie should be watched only for Diljit Dosanjh. He single-handedly lifted the movie and made it relevant. However, this is for children and the will love this movie. It is funny and can be watched with anyone at anytime.

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