Movie Review: The Zookeeper’s Wife. Another great performance by Jessica Chastain

The Zookeeper's WIfe
Name of the FilmThe Zookeper’s Wife
Critics Rating3.5 Stars
DirectorNiki Caro
Star castJessica Chastain, Johan Heldenbergh, Daniel Brühl, Timothy Radford, Shira Haas
Duration2 hours 8 minutes

STORY: The film tells the story of a woman named Antonina (Jessica Chastain), who is the keeper of Warsaw Zoo in the period of 1939. She loves the animals in the zoo. In the period of World War 2, she tries to save her animals. Well, the film is based on Diane Ackerman’s book of the same name. The story is about the struggles and sacrifices of a woman for saving her animals from the ruthless World War.

REVIEW: The director Niki Caro has manged well to show a compelling story in a period film. The film is based on Diane Ackerman’s book and Niki has done a good job to give the story, life. She assembled the mixed cast that includes American, Belgian, Irish and German actors. Which is very interesting, we clearly see what was she trying to do here. The for the animals shown in the film is simply heart touching. Jessica Chastain proves once again that why she is one of the best actress right now.

The zoo may look as dis functioned and in need of paint but it is its own self-enclosed and magical kingdom. Here, Antonina  and her husband Jan (Johan Heldenbergh) try to keep the upheavals of the outside world at bay. With the Nazis about to invade Poland and German zoologist Dr Heck (Daniel Brühl) making advances on her and keen to steal the prize animals for his Mengele-like cross-breeding experiments, that’s not easy.

We can see the art of film making. Niki truly made this film with a lot of passion, we can see here. The is emotion, there is love. Beautiful cinematography to show a beautiful film. All the actors had done justice to their part in the film. But what’s stands out the most is Jessica Chastain’s performance. She truly makes you cry when she revels why she loves the animals. She acts by her looks, she no need any dialogues to confess something she can say it with her expressions, she was that damn good in the film. It is surely going to be her benchmark film, not her best but one of the best.

WHY SHOULD WATCH: This is surely a wort watching film. The scenes are beautiful, lot of messages are given in the film. Watch this film to feel the pure love, its beautiful and artistic. Well, this is definitely a must watch film for the new aspiring film makers. So yes go ahead and enjoy the film.

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