I am not very keen to listen new scripts these days : Prithviraj

Malayalam star Prithviraj is on the race to experiments with his movies. This year he has given all three movies different from the concept to creativity. First he was seen in unusual revenge drama Darvinte Parinamam, then he was seen in family drama movie James and Alice and then he was last seen in horror thriller drama Ezra. All the movies are different from each other.

When he was asked that he has busy with so many movies on this he said, I really don’t know actually and this is the reason that’s why I am listening new script these days as because I myself is not sure that I will give time to them or not. It is not because I have connected with many movies it is because I have done several types of movies.

He also added that he eventually is not sure that the movies which he is signing how will they complete and will be scheduled to do. he also has said that the makers whom are working with him they are assured that they have to wait for their movies to happen after when I complete other projects.

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