Prabhas Doesn’t Want To Break Out Of His ‘Baahubali’ Image


Prabhas became a superstar when he appeared as Baahubali in the ‘Baahubali’ franchise. He was popular before that, but after his appearance in the franchise, he became a household name. This movie has given him something which cannot be explained. Prabhas has some interesting projects right now, and he will be seen in many movies but no one will ever forget him as Baahubali and it should be that way.

Prabhas is a kind of person, who talks very less, he doesn’t make a lot of public appearances to promote his movies or talks about his movies much but now he has opened about his Baahubali fame and how he is enjoying it. He basically said that he doesn’t want to break out of his Baahubali image, and it is something which will be with him forever.

Now, the movie needs no introduction, it became the biggest Blockbuster of India and went on to earn around 1500 crores worldwide, the first part of the movie came in 2015 and impressed everyone and it was followed by the second part in 2017, which is known by everyone.

The casting was done very well for the movie. Prabhas was the best choice to play Baahubali and no one would have played it better than him, it is a larger than life character and Prabhas will be remembered for it, he dedicated almost seven years for this movie and it played well for him, as Prabhas says that he doesn’t want to walk out of his Baahibali image, he shouldn’t, it is like Jack Sparrow character from the Hollywood movie franchise ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’, which was played by Johnny Depp.

Prabhas will next be seen in sci-fi action film ‘Saaho’ with Shraddha Kapoor and Neil Nitin Mukesh.

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