Ruth Negga Joins James Gray And Brad Pitt’s Sci-Fi Movie ‘Ad Astra’

Ruth Negga

James Gray’s upcoming movie ‘Ad Astra’ is one of the most anticipated sci-fi movies to come, it features superstar Brad Pitt in the lead role. James wanted to work with Brad for quite some time now, they have been friends and now finally after so many years, they will be coming together for the first time. With one of the most talented filmmakers and one of the biggest stars, this film is already an attraction but now it gets even better.

It’s been announced that Academy Award nominated actress Ruth Negga has joined the cast, well, she has worked with Pitt in the movies like ‘Fury’, ’12 Years Of Slave’ and ‘World War Z’. The movie is getting better and better as it got another talented actor, Negga is a great actress and in a very small amount of time, she has done some good work. She is one of the most underrated actresses in the Hollywood.

The movie will tell the story of Brad Pitt’s character, which left his son 20 years ago on a mission to Neptune in search of life. Well, it is arguable that the movie will be similar to Christopher Nolan’s 2014 sci-fi ‘Interstellar’, but James Gray is a creative filmmaker he would not do something like this, it will be something different and intense.

Gray’s last directorial film ‘The Lost City Of Z’ released a few months ago and got an amazing response. His entire movie has got a good response both from the audience and critics and it looks same for ‘Ad Astra’.

This movie is certainly something to watch out for, it has an intriguing plot and amazing cast so far.

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