‘Spiderman: Homecoming’ First Day Box Office Collection

Spider Man Homecoming

This Friday, we saw the arrival of ‘Spiderman: Homecoming’ in the theatres and it opens up big. When the trailer came out, there were speculations whether the new spiderman would be able to do or not and quite frankly it has done pretty well. If fact this Spiderman is better than the last one. And we can see that through the first-day box office collection, people are actually liking it and enjoying it.

The movie earned approx.$ 25 USD at the International market, which is brilliant, the movie received 60% occupancy at the overseas territories such as  France, Germany, Spain, Japan and China.

This movie clearly is one of the most entertaining movies of this year, and it’s not wrong to say, last year was Deadpool, this year its Spiderman. A 20-year-old high school boy just stole the show, he didn’t have superpowers, he was not bitten by a spider, he has no girlfriend but still, he is the Spiderman.

Tony Stark aka Iron Man’s appearance is awesome and that helped the movie to move forward, and that’s why people like it, it’s not like earlier Spiderman movie where the protagonist has to prove something, well he has to prove something here too but the way it is shown is damn funny.

The movie is sure to be one of the biggest blockbusters of the year and will win many Awards. Tom Holland has done an awesome job of playing a punk kid Spiderman.

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