The Trailer Of Much Awaited Punjabi Film ‘Bhalwan Singh’ Has Released And Its Funny

When it was announced that Ranjit Bawa will star in ‘Bhalwan Singh’, there were a lot of speculation about that. Ranjit, as we know is one of the biggest Punjabi actors right now and he has a huge fan following in North India, people actually wait for his movies. When the posters of the movie came, it felt that it will be something different and untried.

But now the trailer of the movie was released, and quite frankly, it is nothing what was expected, people were expecting something different and something new in this movie but it is not. It is looking exactly what Ranjit is doing over the year, now, nothing wrong in that but with the poster of the movie; the hopes were high for the movie.

It is for sure that the movie will work at the Box Office; it has the mass appeal and a big star. But the problem here is that the storyline predicted after watching the poster seems to be completely different. Anyone would expect it to be a wrestler’s movie or something relative but this turns out to be more of a Robinhood kind of concept.

Ranjit Bawa is giving good performances over the years and it is for sure that he will give in this movie too; the trailer looks funny and interesting. Ranjit, whose name in the movie is Bhalwan Singh, who is a happy go lucky guy and he is not serious about his life but then he becomes a rebel kind of personality, actually, the trailer is a bit confusing here.

There are a lot of expectations from this movie, let’s see whether the movie will be a worth watching or not. Ranjit’s star power will definitely work for the movie.

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