My wife won’t act with another hero in a film says Malayalam actor Dileep


Actor Dileep is very famous hero in the Malayalam film industry is known to all now. Ever since his debut film titled ‘’Ennodu Ishtam Koodaumo’’ that hit the screens way back in the year 1992 this stupendous actor has entertained Malayalam film goers all over the world with top class acting skills and his charisma.

His many films such as ‘’Sainyam’’, ‘’Three Men Army, ’’Punjabi House’’ etc in the 1990’s made him very famous. This actor did many films later and films like ‘’Kerala Cafe’’, ‘’Calcutta News’’, ’’Crazy Gopalan’’ were simply superb and his name and fame reached nook and corners. His last film named ’’Welcome To Central Jail’’ with actress Vedhika was sensational.

Actor Dileep married famous actress Manju Warrior some years back is known. At that time director Priyadarshan approached Dileep as he wanted actress Manju warrior to act in his film. Actor Dileep did not allow his wife Manju Warrior to act. Actor Dileep did not wanted his wife Manju Warrior to hug another hero in a film so he did not allow his wife to act. Later the couple got separated for other reasons.

Now Dileep has married actress Kavya Madhavan and there are some doubts that he might not allow even this actress Kavya Madhavan to act with another hero in film. Let us wait!!

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